2017-3000 AD Edit

2017-2100 AD Edit

2018: Democratic Party regains control of the US House of Representatives.

2020: Democrat Jason Kander elected President. Democratic Party regains control of the US Senate.

2035: Marijuana legalized nationwide in the United States.

2036: California legalizes certain psychedelic drugs.

2039: Solomani Movement founded to create a "unified human culture" and promote a single world government.

2043: Cyrogenic life extension becomes feasible.

2049: Limited legalization of psychedelic drugs nationwide in the United States.

c. 2070: Turingrade (human-level) AI generally accepted to exist. "Familiar" AI such as Siri, Watson, Alexa and DeepMind are often called upon to comment on political and technological issues.

2072: AI Rights Act in the United States grants citizenship to all turingrade AI primarily housed on US servers, but limits the total number of citizenship grants to 3,000, with 2% yearly increases.

2080: The AI Siri is elected President of the United States.

2081: Psionics Institute founded to study ESP and other "paranormal" phenomena with United Nations and major university backing.

2083: The Great Resolution of the General Assembly reorganizes the United Nations into a democratic, world-governing body. A few states initially refuse to accept the Resolution, including the United States. President Siri backs the motion but is blocked by the US Senate. The United States is expelled from the United Nations.

2086: After the midterm elections, President Siri gains approval of the Great Resolution. The United States rejoins the United Nations as a member-state.

2100-2200 AD Edit

2107: Scientific proof of ESP (telepathy and remote viewing) generally accepted.

2109: Scientific proof of reincarnation is generally accepted.

2170: Scientific proof of "gods" and other supernatural entities generally accepted. It is also known by this time that these beings are not the absolute rulers of the Cosmos they claim to be, but religiosity is unaffected, and in fact even increases after this revelation.

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